IPM was established to provide strategic and practical support to help in consenting energy related projects.

IPM's Director, Tim Proudler, has over 20 years experience within the electricity supply industry, contributing to the development of a diverse range of infrastructure projects - from biomass energy to combined cycle gas turbine power stations and even nuclear power plants. Over the past 15 years, Tim has worked to secure the planning permissions and a variety of other consents and licences needed to allow projects to proceed.

This wealth of experience means that IPM is uniquely aligned to the needs of developers, but is also understanding of the requirements and agendas of the many other interests involved in the consenting processes.

IPM believes that planning and consenting work can be considered in three broad areas, relating to the legal aspects, supporting information and stakeholders.

         Understanding the legal requirements 

         Understanding what information will be needed to support the

         various applications 

         Understanding and managing the expectations of the many different

         stakeholders involved in the process.

Ultimately, consideration of these three aspects will vary, depending upon the scale, nature and location of each project.

IPM’s services

IPM is able to offer a range of services, from the provision of strategic advice to the overseeing and managing the planning and consenting process for energy projects, particularly in the field of electricity generation. In all cases, IPM aims to provide practical advice geared to our client’s needs.

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